Miss Western Illinouis University (misswiu) wrote,
Miss Western Illinouis University

Misty Skies, Clear Eyes

I had my first actual test today; Geography. It was a lot easier than I had expected. The next test will be ever better now that I understand his format.

English was a blast. We had a rough draft due today, and it was Friday. What this means is that there were only three students present, and I was the only one who had done a rough draft. It was sweet. Mr. Balderson spent the entire time--which was thirty minutes since he let us out earlier--going over my paper. And although my paper was good, he still showed me ways to make it better. Here's the poem:

The ABC of Aerobics
Peter Meinke

Air seeps through alleys and our diaphragms
balloon blackly with this mix of
carbon monoxide and the thousand corrosives a city
doles out free to its constituents;
everyone’s jogging through Edgemont Park,
frightened by death and fatty tissue,
gasping at the maximal heart rate,
hoping to outlive all the others streaming
in the lanes like lemmings lurching towards their last
jump. I join in despair
knowing my arteries jammed with
lint and tobacco, lard and bourbon - my
medical history a noxious marsh:
newts and moles slink through the sodden veins,
owls hoot in the lungs’ dark branches;
probably I shall keel off the john like
queer Uncle George and lie on the bathroom floor
raging about Shirley Clark, my true love in
seventh grade, God bless her wherever she lives
tied to that turkey who hugely
undervalues the beauty of her tinny earlobes, one
view of which (either one: they are both perfect)
would add years to my life and I could skip these
x-rays, turn in my insurance card, and trade
yoga and treadmills and jogging and zen and
zucchini for drinking and dreaming of her, breathing hard.

And now I'm done for the day. The weather is really lousy. It's a slow, steady mist that falls from the sky; yet plans to go camping with a few friends remain. We're going to Lake Argyle. It's only the next town over and it's a State Park. We're roughing it too. No tents, just tarps and sleeping bags. I'll have my cell. Call me if you need me.

Oh, last thing. Jeff and I went to Peoria yesterday afternoon. What deals I found at Target! Two pairs of shoes (so that I can put the flip flops away for the season), three long sleeve shirts, a tank top (cause it was cheap and trendy), and a pack of three pairs of earrings, sixty-something dollars. The drive there was cake. I used my notebook to type up my English rough draft.

Is anybody still reading this?

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